Once there was two planes that crashed into one tower. Then another tower had a plane crash into it. The second tower fell because the plane crashed into it side and came out the other side. The one that hit the first came into the front. But the second crash made the tower fall before the first crash. The terrorists wanted to kill a lot of people so they took over the plane,and made it crash.There was two more crashes one at the pentagon and one in a field in Pennsylvania. We think that the passengers took over and they were killed. That was in 2001 and I hope the people of New York are ok now.
9/16/2012 04:54:42 am

no i,m not sleeping

9/18/2012 06:27:00 am

Hey what you doing abrea? Tryssa

9/18/2012 01:20:26 pm

I absolutely love your illustration and detailed description. Really cool.

9/19/2012 09:45:36 am

I love this story and how tou put all the facts in and didnt put you mr own opinion in except for showing concearn for the people where thus tragedy happened..my fav so far keep writing baby nothing makes me prouder..maybe one day we can write something together..ily


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