The first thing we did was go to see the reptiles. There was an alligator turtle it had a pointy lip at the top and the bottom. It had its mouth open the whole time it was really weird. Then we saw a real alligator it was on top of the other one it was funny. After that we went to the birdhouse exhibit we saw the penguin feeding and that was really fun next to the penguins were three reptiles on was a turtle, the next two were snakes and we got to touch the snakes and the turtle. We don't know what species the snakes were or the turtle either. Then we went to a lot of other animals it was fun! Then we went to have lunch when we were finished we rode the tram to the botanical gardens and we got a little wet. Becuase we ran through a sprinkler. That was a really fun feildtrip it was the best out of all of the feildtrips. My favorite animals were the two toed sloth the lions the monkeys and the zebras.

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