Hi my name is Tryssa and I'm in second grade my teacher is mrs.gaffney I am so exited about my new class and new teacher so far I am liking my new class and my sister is Anna and she is deff if you are wondering what that means is that she can't hear and she was born that way and now she has a inplant that helps her hear and my summer was a bummer at first when I was done with school at the begining of summer I broke my foot and had to go to the stumick spetialist cause of my stumick after I broke my foot and I'm tryssa and this is my blog.
(and I'm seven)
Angel Strain aka mommy
8/26/2012 09:34:33 am

Hey Tryssa, You know I am typing you because you are trying to peek. :) I am so excited about your blog. Your teacher deserves a pat on the back for this one. Hope you are having a good day at school. I love you always. XOXO

8/26/2012 10:57:06 am


tripp aka daddy
8/26/2012 01:54:44 pm

f llcant wait to read what ypu put on your blog bsby...i love and im proud of you..dont youvever

9/4/2012 08:55:54 am

what are you doing daddy? do not text my mom cuz she is at a meeting with my teacher at school on what we are doing at school with the ipads i love you good night

Nicole pope
8/27/2012 12:50:30 am

Hey tryssa!!! I am so proud of you, you are such a smart and pretty girl, I enjoyed reading your blog, cant wait to read more of them!!!! i love you baby girl!!!!! keep up your good work!!!!!!!!!

8/28/2012 10:10:35 am

I like your picture! :-)

Mrs. Wilson
8/28/2012 11:52:51 am

Tryssa, I bet you are a great big sister. What a pretty smile.

9/4/2012 08:51:56 am

Hey Tryssa you know that you are a very very very smart girl thats what i think of you as i love you and have a good day at school!

9/16/2012 08:30:27 pm


9/22/2012 07:43:51 am


10/10/2012 06:57:57 am

Hey abrea what are you doing I am doing this on an iPad and I'm still in Columbia and this is awsome what are you doing I bet you are still doing homework am I right tell me ok and I so excited about my birthday tomorrow and this is not an I pad I use everyday I just use it on Wednesday what are you doing oh I already asked that didn't I I'm so silly!


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