I like butterfly's!!! I like butterfly's whatever kind they are and whatever color they are. They are so special to me because one landed on my finger when I was looking in my bird house. There were little chicks in there it was so cute the butterfly was looking at me that was my lucky day . That was after school. I shared it with my mom and my sister. That is my story.
How to be fair to each other. To be nice to each other, and not hurting somebody's feelings wich we call squishing somebodys toothpast. we learned about reading on ipads, and learned about each other by reading every body's poster that has everybodys information on it.
Hi my name is Tryssa and I'm in second grade my teacher is mrs.gaffney I am so exited about my new class and new teacher so far I am liking my new class and my sister is Anna and she is deff if you are wondering what that means is that she can't hear and she was born that way and now she has a inplant that helps her hear and my summer was a bummer at first when I was done with school at the begining of summer I broke my foot and had to go to the stumick spetialist cause of my stumick after I broke my foot and I'm tryssa and this is my blog.
(and I'm seven)