Today is the last day of school. I will miss going to school getting up in the morning. My most favorite memory is when we got together and planned stuff to surprise my teacher. Like at lunch we started singing happy birthday to Mrs. Gaffney and then got the whole cafeteria started. It was really fun to be at school. On the first day of school I was nervous. But now I feel really sad that I have to leave school. I think I did my best this year. But next year I will try to make it a good one. I will always remember this remarkable year. I will miss a lot of my friends over the summer. Even though some of my friends live in my neighborhood I will miss a lot of them that don't. I will remember this remarkable year always.
This is a video called the ABC's of second grade. It has each letter of the alphabet.I matched a word that we learned about in second grade with the letter of the alphabet.
My most favorite memory about snowbell is when I first saw her I got to feed her and feel her soft fur. We had to do a lot of voting. Finally we had decided on a name it was snowbell. What I liked about her is that she was like an acrobat she was really funny when it came to that. What I do not like about her is that she also just started bitting people=[. I will her beacuse she was really funny and sweet I will miss her next year. We took care of her by changing her cage, giving her a treat every day. Next year I will come to my class so I can see her and my teacher.