My class is studying painted lady butterfly caterpillars and mealworms. The painted lady butterfly caterpillars have gotten really big over the weekend. I thing they are going to make their cocoons pretty soon. The mealworms have not changed but only one has it has gone into its second stage it is called the Pupa stage. It got really spiky and turned kind of like a cacky color. They like to eat the juice from some fresh apples.
This is the painted lady butterfly caterpillar.
These are the mealworms.
My buissness's name is the Snowcone Express. The reason we named it the Snowcone Express is we are going to sell hand made snowcones and we are going to have a train theme. For our train we are going to cut out a train and for the train cars we are going to cut out squares then paint our train. We think people are going to buy our product is because it is a hot day the snowcones are cold and the snowcones are really good. The snowcones cost only 75¢ each. If you want two you would have to pay $1.50. The people in my group are Emoni, Yasmine and Tryssa. We think we can really do our buissness is because Emoni has a Snowcone table that came with everything even every single flavor of syrup.
My class watched the Lorax and Mrs. Gaffney asked us what concerns do we have about our environment? And what can we do to help? My answer to the first question is all the factory's and the air being polluted and that stuff getting into our lungs. And my answer to the second question is to have a cleaning machine at the top that cleans the air out and then lets the clean air out into the sky.
My weekend was great I had a cook out with my Aunt Brenda and Jaden on Saturday. On Sunday I went to church I go to church at the south campus but at the north campus my mom goes to meetings and such. When she was at the meeting I was in wild child care. Everybody in child care was screaming I did not like it. But they did give us pizza and water. They also let us watch spy kids two. I liked it hardly but mostly I did not like it.